Our company is young however personnel is very experienced. We have got experience of various projects in industrial sector related to maintenance, investment and upkeep services. Companys management has got knowledge from grass-roots until challenging industrial projects and supervisor services.

Challenge us and give us an opportunity to make an offer of the service You need !


We think that in the heart of every project at industry are people who do the work. So it is important that those people are motivated – that is the way to best result. As service producer and according to our slogan we offer motivated experts for requirements of industry. When best result at project is reached (no accidents, delivery in schedule, good quality etc.) satisfied customer is achieved.

Behind the company knowledge is the personnel: fitters, welders, foremen and project leaders. We invest in workers competence and its development by offering new and different kind of work. Those will challenge workers to learn. We provide training and education for workers to strengthen their know-how.

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